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Crime affects everyone differently. As a victim, you may be affected:

  • Physically - through injury or physiological reactions to the stress of an experience
  • Financially - through the loss of income or related expenses
  • Emotionally - through a sense of feeling violated, vulnerable or fearful as a result of a crime.

As a victim or a witness to a crime in British Columbia, you can access free support services and programs offered by the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, and various non-profit organizations in your community.

You can receive support even if you decide not to report the crime. Different supports are available depending on where you live and what kind of crime you have experienced. This website can help you find information about the programs available to assist you.

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Get Help Now

VictimLink BC (1-800-563-0808) is a toll-free, BC-wide telephone service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. VictimLink BC provides information and referral services to all victims of crime, and immediate crisis support to victims of family and sexual violence. VictimLink BC is TTY accessible and provides interpretation services for all major languages. Call TTY at 604-875-0885; to call collect, call the TELUS Relay Service at 711.

Learn More About

  • Your rights and the British Columbia Victims of Crime Act.

Did You Know?

Most of Canada's criminal law is part of the Criminal Code. The Criminal Code is a federal law that applies across Canada and affects victims of crime. The Criminal Code sets out criminal offences, sentences and how a criminal case proceeds including trial, sentencing and appeals. There are also provincial laws that create offences and may affect victims of crime.

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