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Travel Funding

Funding to assist with court-related travel expenses may be available to victims, witnesses and immediate family members.

If you are a witness, testifying for Crown counsel and are required to travel to court from another community, travel expenses for you to attend court may be provided. Information about who to contact regarding travel arrangements is usually located on the notice to appear, subpoena or in an accompanying document that provides additional important information for witnesses who are required to testify in court.

Travel funding is also available to facilitate victim or immediate family member attendance and participation in court and other justice-related proceedings (e.g. parole hearings). Each of the available funding programs has different eligibility criteria. Travel funding may be available through the following:

Victim Safety Unit – Victim Travel Fund

The Victim Travel Fund provides funding to a maximum of $3,000.00 per victim to help a victim or immediate family member (if not required as a witness in the case) attend and participate in justice-related proceedings.

Eligible expenses may include meals, accommodation and the most economical form of travel.

Funding is available to:

  • victims who have suffered significant physical or emotional trauma as a result of a serious criminal offence. If the victim requires a support person in order to attend and participate in the justice proceeding, one support person may also be eligible, or
  • immediate family members of deceased victims. Eligible immediate family members include the parents, spouse, children, and siblings as defined in the Victims of Crime Act.

Additional eligibility criteria:

  • Applications must be made before the trial or justice proceeding starts
  • travel distance to attend the trial or justice proceeding must be more than 100 km one way
  • the trial or justice proceeding must take place in BC with the proceeding expected to impact the outcome, disposition or results of the proceeding or hearing, and
  • travel and related expenses are not being covered by Crown Counsel, the Crime Victim Assistance Program or any other source.

For more information:

For more information or for a Victim Travel Fund Application form, please call the Victim Safety Unit, toll free at 1-877-315-8822 or 1-877-316-8822. E-mail:

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