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CVAP Program

British Columbia's Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) is a financial benefits program to assist victims, immediate family members and certain witnesses in dealing with the effects of violent crime. CVAP helps to offset financial loss and assist in recovery from injury.

To apply for benefits, the crime must have occurred within British Columbia after July 1, 1972. CVAP is not restricted to B.C. residents. As long as the crime occurred in B.C., it doesn"t matter where you live. (Victims of crimes committed outside B.C. should contact victim services in the place where the crime occurred.)

The Crime Victim Assistance Program is available to people whether or not a perpetrator is charged. In most cases applications must be received within one year of the date the crime occurred. Exceptions include:

  • applications from victims of sexual offences - no time limit
  • minors – no time limit for sexual offences; for all other offences applicants must apply before turning 20
  • exceptional circumstances – late applications may be allowed

Benefits which may be available under this program include:

  • medical, dental and prescription drugs
  • counselling
  • protective measures
  • replacement of damaged or destroyed eyeglasses, clothing, disability aids
  • income support or lost earning capacity
  • transportation and related expenses

To learn more about CVAP, click here or visit the CVAP website.

A guide and application forms are available online, from the CVAP office, or from local victim service programs. For online application forms for victims, immediate family members and witnesses, click here.

CVAP can be contacted at (604) 660-3888 in the Lower Mainland or toll free in B.C. at 1-866-660-3888.

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