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Find Out How to Go to Court

If you have received a subpoena requiring you to attend court to testify, you may feel a little nervous and uncertain about what to expect.

This site was designed in partnership with Victim Services and the Criminal Justice Branch of the Government of British Columbia to help guide you through the process of going to court. By providing information and links to support services, we hope to make the experience easier for you.

Court and You

The subpoena you have received orders you to attend court on a certain date and time to tell the court what you know about a particular case. You must obey a subpoena. But, if you anticipate a problem, you should notify the witness notifier as soon as possible. You will find their phone number on the subpoena you’ve received.

When it is time for your testimony, you will be called into court and asked questions by the prosecutor, that is Crown counsel, and following that, by defence counsel. When you have finished testifying, you are free to go.

Help to Prepare

A victim service worker or Crown counsel can help you prepare for court, but you may also find particularly useful. Here, at your convenience, you can learn about aspects of going to court that are of interest or concern to you. And, you can review them as often as you wish. To learn more about how can help, watch the video, above.

To locate a victim service program in your area, contact VictimLink BC.

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