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Parole Hearings and Victims

Victims can provide information to the Parole Board of Canada that may help the Board evaluate any risk that the offender poses to the victims and to the community.

As a victim, this may simply be a letter or a statement that you write telling the Board about any continuing impact the crime has on you and any concerns you have for the safety of yourself and your family. Any Victim Impact Statements provided earlier to the court are also available to the Parole Board. The Parole Board of Canada has prepared a Statement Checklist to help you prepare your statement.

Since all information used in making a decision must, by law, be shared with the offender, you must submit your written victim information to the Board with enough time for the offender to receive it before the hearing. You may read your written statement to the Board if you are in attendance or it may be presented in audio or video tape form whether you attend or not.

Presenting Your Victim Information

To present a victim statement (your victim information) at a parole hearing you will need to submit a Request to Present Victim Information at a Hearing form. To get the request form, click here and follow the instructions on the form.

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