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Attending A Parole Hearing

Victims as well as member of the general public may, with permission, attend parole board hearings as observers.

An informational video for victims of crime is available on the Parole Board of Canada website. The video shows victims how a parole hearing works and directs victims to other PBC information.

Requests to observe should be sent to the Parole Board of Canada as soon the hearing date is known to allow time for the security check that is required before a visitor can be admitted into an institution. Usually, a victim must be at least 18 years old to be present due to the nature of the discussions, however, exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis. A Parole Board of Canada Regional Communications Officer accompanies observers and the Conditional Release Coordinator from British Columbia Corrections may attend the hearing as well.

Hearings can be emotional and it is recommended that victims come to the hearing with the support of a victim assistance worker, a family member or a friend.

Getting Permission to Attend

Victims must request permission to attend hearings by completing the request form or contacting the Parole Board of Canada. Once approval has been granted, you will be informed in writing of the time and location of the hearing.

Victims planning to attend a hearing may find these fact sheets about observing a hearing from the Parole Board of Canada helpful.

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