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Parole may be granted after an offender has served part of his or her sentence in an institution, allowing the offender to live in the community under supervision for the remainder of the sentence. The decision to grant parole is the responsibility of the National Parole Board and not the trial judge.

Parole is based on the belief that the best way to protect society is to help offenders gradually re-integrate into the community as law-abiding citizens under supervision and with conditions.

Parole is not automatic — National Parole Board members decide whether or not to release an offender. An offender serving a sentence of less than two years must apply for parole. An offender serving a sentence of two years or longer is automatically reviewed when his or her parole eligibility date comes up. Inmates in Provincial Correction Centres who do not have court ordered probation and who choose not to apply for parole are typically released without any supervision requirements after serving at least two thirds of their sentence. As of April, 2007, the National Parole Board manages all parole decisions in the province of British Columbia

In provincial cases, parole reviews are often conducted by one or two National Parole Board members in the National Parole Board office. In some cases, a hearing may be scheduled at the offender’s institution. Probation is ordered by the court at the time of sentencing and is supervised by probation officers in the British Columbia Corrections Branch.

If parole is granted, the offender is released from jail and must comply with certain conditions as well as report to a parole officer regularly until his or her entire sentence is served. Parole is not final — it can be taken away if the offender fails to meet the conditions imposed on release or if the level of risk to society he or she poses becomes unacceptable.

Offenders who were convicted for offences they committed under the age of 18 have different periods of eligibility for parole.

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Contact the National Parole Board (NPB) or call 1-888-999-8828 for more details about parole.

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