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Arriving At Court

When you arrive at the courthouse, you should report directly to the Crown counsel office and let Crown know that you are present.

Crown will advise you where you should wait until you are called to testify.

Witnesses are not allowed to watch the preliminary hearing or trial until they are finished testifying. This is to make sure that a witness’s testimony is not influenced by hearing what other witnesses say in court. You should talk to Crown counsel if you have questions about this.

No one should tell a witness what anyone else says about the events, as that can influence a witness’s memory, too. Therefore, if you have been watching a preliminary hearing or trial, you should not tell any of the witnesses what happened until that witness has finished testifying and been excused by the court. If the matter is a preliminary hearing, you may not tell the witness anything about what occurred before the witness’s testimony unless Crown counsel confirms that the witness will not be required at the trial.

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