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The Courthouse

What you Can and Cannot Bring into the Courthouse

Sheriff Deputies have the power to decide what may be a weapon or a danger within the courthouse, so ultimately what you can and cannot bring into a courtroom is up to them. But, in general, you may not bring the following into the courtroom:

  • cameras or camera phones - you may not take pictures or photographs within the building at any time
  • some types of lighters
  • large bags
  • solitary needles – complete Insulin kits are only permitted for diabetics
  • recording devices
  • umbrellas
  • drugs or drug paraphernalia, including methadone, or narcotic prescription drug
  • weapons of any kind, including, but not limited to, knives, scissors, needles, and other sharp objects.

Did You Know?
Sheriffs are responsible for all security matters inside the courthouse. They wear light brown uniforms and will be in the courtroom, the security area, and throughout the building. You can speak to them at any time if you feel unsafe or threatened in any way. Some courthouses are also equipped with a screening area and security guards.

Cell phones and PDAs are allowed in the courthouse but must be turned off. The use of cell phones within the courtroom is restricted while court is in session. Check with one of the sheriffs to find out where you may use your phone. If you are planning to bring a memento or keepsake to the court please check with sheriff services at the court house to make sure it is okay under the security procedures for your trial.

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